Black and White

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Beatles in Annecy, France!

Last weekend we took some visitors to Annecy, France. It is one of our favorite places to go. Besides the quaint, old town area of the city, the lake is a great place to relax beside, watch sail boats, swans and have a picnic. This time, we added something new to our Annecy trip. We went above the city to The Basilica of the Visitation, which is a beautiful cathedral overlooking the the city and Lake Annecy. While there, the clock struck the hour and the cathedral bells started to chime. I was not prepared to hear a Beatle's song coming from the bell tower however. I would have preferred something more fitting the place, but I guess the Beatle's are everywhere, even in Annecy, France. Hmmmm :/ Do you recognize this tune?


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Yesterday! It's a more fitting pick then "I Am the Walrus" :)

alli said...

Someone had a little too much fun planning that...that's hilarious!