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Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Accomplishments of note in the last 7 days

Great accomplishments this week in Suisse, by Susan Johnson:

1. I figured out the French and German instructions for our Miele Induction stove top. It only took me 5 days!!!

2. I figured out how to use our German phone. It only took me 4 days!!!

3. We can now use the Miele Washer on Cold. We are still trying to figure out the Dryer...everything is in German. I am not giving up. I will conquer the Dryer!

4. I drove to the store, bought groceries and paid for them. I know that sounds humdrum, but when everything is French...well, it is an accomplishment.

4. Relating to #4 I navigated the NARROW Swiss roads!!!!

A great thing about living here: Even the little things in our everyday life are bigger and thus the sense of accomplishment comes to us everyday!!!! :)


Lisa S said...

Too bad Lauren isn't due for another Europe vacation. She speaks German. but she is planning to leave for a mission in January. No call yet, she still has the physical and dental to complete. We'll keep you posted.

Monica said...

Way to go! Heck, your clothes will eventually dry, but it will at least be clean! Have you purchased yogurt in small glass containers yet? I LOVE Swiss yogurt. (o: