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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skype, a blessing!

No matter how you look at it, Paul is too far away right now. Today, I calculated that he is 8285 kilometers or 5148 miles or 4474 nautical miles from our home here in Highlands Ranch, Co. Every day, if not twice a day we talk or Skype. Now the phone is a miracle, but Skype is a mega miracle. It allows me to talk to Paul and see him at the same time. When I was pretty little, my family and I were at Disneyland where we went into Monsanto's House of The Future, and I had the opportunity to go into a futuristic phone booth and speak and see someone in another state talk back to me. It was like Dick Tracy talking on that TV watch thing out of the Sunday comics. I never thought the day would come. Well, it came and is here in full living color, Skype. I never used Skype much before, but now it is a necessity, an everyday occurrence, a blessing. So, thank you Disneyland, Western Electric, Bell Labs and everyone else who pioneered this technology, because Paul is too far away!!!


marieb said...

I love Skype!! It saved my life when I did my study abroad. Technology is amazing! You have the cutest family!! Tell everyone hello!

The Larson's said...

With everyone all moved away, Skype is my lifesaver. I thank the good people of Skype (in my thoughts) every week when I get to see my family again. It's going to make a huge difference while you're in Switzerland!
By the way, I also remember that great House of the Future in Tomorrowland and how amazing it was to us. And the push-button phones! Wow. So much of what we saw is here already. They sure were good at their forward-thnking back then, and it helps you to realize how much hard work and thought went into our many conveniences today. We're really blessed to be able to take advantage all this technology.