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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Autumn: Cows, Cheese, Chocolate, Chateau's and Callings

   Our Autumn started off with my trip to 
        Grindelwald. I had two wonderful friends come to take 
              in some of the sights of Switzerland and France, so a girls trip 
             it was. Paul stayed home and held down the fort.

              We visited Gruyere, famous for it's cheese, chateau and quaint little 
cobblestoned streets. 
      We did some shopping. Here are Trudy and I taking 
       in the architecture from yesteryears.

    We ladies just had to have fondue after our day in Gruyere. 
     I think Jill looks like she is in Cheese heaven here.

                              After a funicular ride up the mountain, we hiked around in Murren, 
    Switzerland and enjoyed the view of the Jung Frau 
      as our luncheon backdrop. Here you can see that
   we traveled with we did most of the time.

 We saw chateau after chateau (what castles are called here) Here are just a few of the many!

 St. Georges at the Chateau Gruyere.

 Each Chateau seemed to get more elaborate.

Our favorite "Sleeping Beauty-like" Chateau Chenonceau. We even stayed in a 17th century Chateau!

Voltaire's Chateau 10 mins from our home in close by France.

 Our own little country chateau in our village of Genthod. This one is not as fancy as some of the other chateau's that our village offers, but it is my favorite.

We ended back at our own little Chateau (our home). You can't really see the front because of our hedge, but it was a welcomed sight after traveling.

 OH and last but not least, this Autumn...Paul was called to be Bishop of the Geneva 1st Ward. 

Here is a picture of Eveque Johnson our new Bishop!

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Sarah said...

AMAZING! All of it. Congratulations (or condolences?) on Paul's new calling. ;-)