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Monday, January 7, 2013

I don't like SPIDERS following me

We have been traveling a lot in the last 6 years. A trip back to California in 2008 is the first time I saw it. While in San Francisco it was down by the Embarcadero. It freaked me out. I could not go near it. I shut my right eye and passed as far from it as I could. Man! What a way to ruin a perfectly great day in San Francisco.

San Francisco 2008 I was there for a visit   

We had been living in Denver for one year when I took the California trip. Once back in Denver, we went down to the museums and there was the same spider there. It was by the door. I could not even walk by it to enter the museum. What a way to ruin a perfectly great day in Denver! By now I was getting creeped out...that this Spider could be following me all over the USA?

The same spider at the Denver Art Museum

In 2011 we moved to Switzerland and waved good bye to weirdo-scary, creepy spider sculptures. That year we took a day trip up to Bern. I turned the corner by the Bundesplatz (government building) sand there staring at me was the same spider. It sent shivers up my spineWhat a way to ruin a perfectly great day in Bern! I turned a round and walked a block over and down so I could arrive at the walking street and not have to see the spider. 

I swear that this is the same spider as in Denver...and he was crouched down in San Franciso......I am not crazy!

So living in Geneva we like to get out and explore the city. Guess what was in my path to crossing over to the Art Museums....that same creepy, yucko, scary spider. What a way to ruin a perfectly great day in Geneva.

Spider in Geneva Switzerland

No one believes me, but I know this is the same spider following me around the world and it is freaking me out. My family thinks I may be a little nuts, because they try to tell me of  the inconceivability of the  same spider being in all of these places that I happen to go to. Oh I have an answer for them all right....That is what the eight legs are for people, THE EIGHT LEGS!!!!     ((((CHILLS))))

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