Black and White

Monday, April 23, 2012


Thirty-two years ago today, Paul and I got engaged. We were the best of friends and now over three decades later, we are still the best of friends.
I have hunted for a few pictures of us over the years. We did not bring many to Switzerland with us, but I found these and have had them on the fridge. In looking them over we see we have become older, added wrinkles, grey hair and some extra pounds. Tonight, we will do as we always have. We will sit on our couch and he will ask me to marry him. How could I ever say no to my best friend?!


alli said...

I love this!! You two are amazing :)

marieb said...

Congratulations! 32 years! You guys look great!

The Larson's said...

That is the most romantic anniversary tradition I have ever heard. My goodness, you two have raised the bar for the rest of us anniversary lay-abouts!