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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Dear Friends...we miss them already!

We had a great trip home to Colorado for Christmas break. Before our visit, our friends prepped our home for Christmas. Our neighbors next door, as well as our neighbors across the street, made our welcome home a beautiful, lighted and warm experience for our homecoming. We had a new candle to light, fresh milk, bread and a yummy breakfast casserole provided for us! We are so grateful for such wonderful neighbors and know that it took, thought, time and love to do all of that.

We also found out that our good friends had taken a new job and would be EXPATS in Chile!!! They are so excited and we are excited for them. We spent Christmas evening, New Years Eve and New Years evening with them playing games, and reminiscing over the good ol' times, when we lived across the street from them, went to Women's Conference, on the Trek at Martin's Cove and sometimes played games together in the evenings. Some friends are just GOLD and the Dean's are just that. They are like second parents to our daughter, Laura, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives.

The last night with them, for this vacation, was teary for us women. Goodbyes, if even for a short time are just hard! Once again, thank goodness for Skype! We have a lot Skyping to look forward to and future meet ups in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Colorado, Utah...the possibilities are endless.

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